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Pena, Paul I.T. Director, Quartzsite School District
Burton, Raquel Superintendent

Anderson, Julie QUARTZSITE, 7th/8th
Carter, Christina EHRENBERG, 7th/8th
Dangiolini, Heather EHRENBERG, 1st
Elms, Diona EHRENBERG, 5th/6th
Garcia, Cecilia EHRENBERG, Kindergarten
Green, Stacy EHRENBERG, 3rd/4th
Hager, Joseph QUARTZSITE, 3rd/4th
Moore, Laura EHRENBERG, 2nd
Thompson, Laura QUARTZSITE, 5th/6th

Brown, Holly School Board Secretary / District Office Assistant
Burks, Billy Maintenance
Champoux, Bret Maintenance and Transportation Coordinator
Hernandez, Vanessa Ehrenberg School Secretary
Wasserburger, Stephanie Quartzsite School Secretary
Whitney, April Business Manager