Teacher Salaries

Average Teacher Salaries

Average salary of all teachers employed in FY 2021 (budget year).....$55,835
Average salary of all teachers employed in FY 2020 (prior year).........$52,744
Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year..........$ 3,091
Percentage increase....6%
Comments on average salary calculation:  If you compare the base salaries for the 3 teachers who have worked at our District from FY18 to FY21 you will see the average salary has increased by 28% for those 3 teachers. However, the method of reporting does not take in consideration of changes to personnel especially when a long-term, highly paid teacher retires and skews the averages OR when CSF performance pay goals are not met and reduces a teacher's overall salary from one year to the next.

Average salary of all teachers employed in FY 2018..............$47,783
Total percentage increase in average teacher salary since FY 2018 .........17%

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