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School Wellness Policy

The Quartzsite School District adopts this school wellness policy with the following commitments to nutrition, education, and physical activity.


Nutrition Requirements:

1. All schools in the Quartzsite School District will participate in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. Food served in school cafeterias will meet all Nutrient Standards established by the USDA. The Nutrition & Wellness department will provide snacks that meet federal nutrition guidelines to after school programs as appropriate.

2. Students will be given adequate time to eat lunch.

3. In the elementary and middle schools, foods sold and served during the school day must comply with the Arizona Nutrition Standards established by the Arizona Department of Education.


Education Requirements:

1. Quartzsite School District will provide a consistent message of nutrition and wellness in all schools. This will be accomplished through the use of multi-media: videos, morning announcements, school newspapers/newsletters, website, etc.

2. Each School will form a wellness committee to facilitate nutrition education and promote physical activity. These committees will work with the school physical education department to coordinate school-wide wellness activities. The committee will be responsible for submitting an annual summary of w4ellness activities to the Director of Nutrition & Wellness.

3. The Nutrition & Wellness department will provide food safety and handling guidelines for campus activities in the Student Activities Handbook.

4. Family nutrition education will be accomplished in the form of handouts, district website postings, presentations, school newsletter, etc. Nutrition education will be provided to families of students at all levels within the district.


Physical Activity Requirements:

1. Physical activity is a critical component of a healthy lifestyle. School-based programs should be implemented to encourage physical activity.

2. Every student will participate in Physical Education every week.


Policy recommendations are available in the QSD Administrative Handbook.


Implementation and Monitoring

To ensure successful implementation of the QSD wellness policy, resources will be available on our website The Director of Nutrition & Wellness will be responsible for monitoring policy implementation and disseminating pertinent information to the schools.