Dear Parents and Guardians,


The Quartzsite Elementary School District continues to take preventative measures when it comes to the health and safety of students and staff.  Unfortunately, there will be times when students or staff may be infected with the COVID-19 virus.  This letter is to inform you that a 6th grade student tested positive for COVID-19 on 11/9/21.


COVID-19 has an incubation period of at least two days after exposure and can be as many as 14 days after exposure.  Typically, those people who are infected with COVID-19 and are symptomatic will show symptoms around day 5. Both Arizona Health Department and La Paz County Health Department recommend all close contacts to quarantine for at least 5 calendar days. This allows the incubation period to occur without spreading the virus further.  They also recommend the close contact to get a COVID-19 test on day 6.  If the test is negative, close contacts can return to school the next day. A person who is in the same class as someone who has COVID-19 is just a contact.  If the student is not a close contact, it is recommended they stay in school.   All students and staff who are deemed close contacts, are those within 6 feet of the infected, mask or no mask for more than 15 minutes, over 24 hours.  Parents/guardians will be notified by school personnel if their child is considered a close contact.   The school will make every effort to contact the parent/guardian within 24 hours.  If your child is a person in the same classroom but, not a close contact, they are able to return to school right away.  While there is a chance that they may catch COVID-19 by being in the same classroom, it is minimal. 


Symptoms of COVID-19 present like the flu or common cold.  Current symptoms include:  runny nose, sore throat, congestion, headache, fever, cough, body aches, nausea, loss of taste or smell, and shortness of breath. If you or your child have any of these symptoms, please stay home and get tested for COVID-19.  The Quartzsite Elementary School District is working with the La Paz County Health Department to have rapid testing available at the school for students and staff free of charge.

We will continue to work hard to provide a quality education for our students.  We know how beneficial learning is when students are on campus with their peers, teachers, and staff.  We will strive to keep the school open by following the recommendations of both health departments and with the continued preventative measures we have in place.  As a district we will continue to monitor the current safety recommendations and adjust our procedures as necessary for the well-being of our students and staff.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.




Dr. Monica Barajas, Superintendent